Based on the very latest research into children’s brain development, Kindermusik combines singing, dancing, listening, children’s literature, exploring instruments, creating and eventually reading music in a joyful learning experience for children and their families. This rich assortment of musical activities is designed to promote language development, symbolic thinking, physical activity, coordination, and social interactions, while cultivating your child’s imagination. Kindermusik is a gently structured, flexible curriculum that allows the child to learn and develop at his or her own pace. Kindermusik is geared to the specific developmental stages of children ages birth through 7 years to help them grow musically, cognitively, socially and physically. Since its inception over 25 years ago, the program has grown to more than 3000 licensed Kindermusik teachers worldwide. Each of our age levels contains four units on a two-year rotating cycle, so your child can grow with Kindermusik from birth to age seven without having to repeat a unit! Did you know? Ongoing research indicates that music education in the early years enhances the overall development of the brain. Kindermusik at home Kindermusik believes that young children’s most important learning takes place in the home and family environment. Accordingly, all Kindermusik curricula include high quality Home Materials to assist families in extending a rich musical environment into the home. The CD’s are outstanding recordings of diverse musical selections used in the class, with extra songs for listening enrichment. Selections draw from traditional folk material from around the world, jazz, bluegrass, classical repertoire and more. Family participation at home is further enhanced by age-appropriate Kindermusik picture books or song books, information for parents on how to be involved musically with children at home, and a musical instrument to help build your home collection.

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