History of Kindermusik Discovery

kindermusik_131It all started back in 1995 when repetitive strain injury forced Nancy Aasland to give up her ambitious dream of an Asssociate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) certification in piano.

Nancy had always worked with children both in recreation programs and as an Early Childhood Educator, and she frequently brought her guitar along, making her a favourite with the children.

Casting around for ways to keep working with children and music despite losing the ARCT dream, Nancy started looking at children’s music programs.

What started as a quick look blossomed into a year long research odyssey as Nancy examined the theory, pedagogy, history, developmental  appropriateness, instruments and philosophy of the many different musical programs marketed to children. Nancy was looking for a program that used good teaching methods, that welcomed the incredible range of personalities and learning modes that children have, and most importantly, a program that had a solid  educational focus based on current reasearch.

This rigorous research process eventually led her to choose the Kindermusik program as being the best program in early childhood music and development.

Nancy took Kindermusik training and began offering classes in 1998 – starting with a few classes per week in a church basement.  Within just two years demand for classes was beyond what Nancy could teach by herself.  To meet the needs of Winnipeg families she began hiring and mentoring new teachers to work with her.  And so we grew.

We at Kindermusik Discovery have  been rewarded countless times over by the many families who love what we do so much that they keep coming back and telling their friends. This has allowed us to grow over the years to where we are today. Opening a third location (also in a church) in St. Vital, while our Roblin Boulevard studio and our classes at MTYP at The Forks continue to to grow.

We have several excellent teachers who work with us to deliver what we believe is the best early childhood music education program for children and their families. And the hundreds of families throughout Winnipeg and the neighbouring municipalities that continue to take classes with us would agree.

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