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What if she won’t sit still? What if he sits TOO still?
We love our active wrigglers and our keen-eyed observers; the ones who stick close to their parent and the ones who plop themselves down in the teacher’s lap! Each child’s unique learning style is celebrated and nurtured.  Your little one is awesome, just the way they are.
Smiles and Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that your child’s natural learning style will be celebrated and nurtured, and they will be showing you in a variety of ways how their skills and confidence are growing. If after attending four consecutive classes you feel we have not delivered on this promise, we will release you from the rest of the semester, and issue a refund for the remainder.

Four weeks gives your child a little time to get used to a new activity and new people.

Withdrawing: Awww… we are so sad to see you go! If we have not been able to find an alternate class that meets your needs, and you really truly can’t stay, withdrawals are calculated from the date you notify the office. Any refund, if applicable, will be partial, based on the date you notify the office. Also, parents should be aware that we have to account for the full value of the Home Materials you received at the first lesson, and some fixed administrative charges.

What if we miss a class?

We have the most generous make-up policy of any preschool program in Winnipeg. Your enrolment includes unlimited make-up classes for as long as your enrolment is active. You might end up getting lesson 6 twice that week, but the repetition is all to the good for your child.

All you need to do is choose another class at your child’s level, and send us a quick email saying when you want to come!

Ha! Try THAT at swimming lessons! Pro tip: Here’s how to REALLY take advantage of make-ups:

  • If you are planning a trip, book a make-up or two before you go away, and one afterwards if you need it.
  • Perhaps another beloved adult can bring your child to a different time slot. Would grandpa like to bring her on a weekday morning? Could auntie take him on the weekend?
Bad weather
We do what the public schools within Winnipeg are doing in the case of a blizzard.  If you aren’t sure, check our website, Facebook page and your email (including junk folder) for updates from us.
What if my class is cancelled?

If the teacher must cancel a class for any reason (illness, blizzard etc) we will tack one additional class on the end of the session.
If a class you have registered for is cancelled completely due to insufficient registration we will move heaven and earth to get you into another one or refund your deposit in full.

What if my child is sick?

If you or your child are sick, please stay home, keep warm and watch bad TV.   Schedule a make-up class when you feel better.  Remember, you have unlimited make-up classes for as long as your enrolment is active.

We want everybody to stay healthy, so we use a natural product on our instruments and toys that kills 99% of bacteria and viruses and is safe for food preparation surfaces.

We are proud to say that in 20 years of Kindermusik classes, we have not had any incidences where a child caught chicken pox or similar illnesses from another child in the class.

Can I switch to a different class?

Absolutely.  We have lots to choose from at most age levels.  If you have a change of work schedule, nap schedule or anything else that makes your regular class difficult, we will try our very best to get you into something that works better.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can choose to pay all at once, or in installments.  You will be asked about your payment preferences during online registration.

The installment option is available for families who register with a credit card.  If you wish to pay by cash or debit, payment must be in full.

I am joining part way through a season, how does tuition work?

Tuition would be prorated. You can go ahead and register online. Our system isn’t smart enough to pro-rate automatically, but your credit card will not be charged until our staff have made that adjustment for you. Please contact us if we can help in any way.

Are there additional supplies we have to purchase?

You will be amazed by everything that is INCLUDED in your enrolment. Everything you need to enjoy Kindermusik at home through the week and long after your class is over. No extra charges, no fundraising, no hassle!

Can both parents come?

Absolutely. We also love to see grandparents and out-of-town relatives who may be visiting.

Do I have to sing?

First off, we want to reassure you that the sound of a parent’s voice is beloved by your child, even if you are self-conscious about it.   Singing is fun, it can reduce stress, and it shows your child that making music is something EVERYONE can do, not just auto-tuned pop stars.  Having said that, we honour and respect everybody’s unique learning style, and that includes YOU, mom and dad.  We encourage everyone to join in fully, but no one will be judging your participation. So sing – or don’t! Dance  – or don’t! But do come.

Can we eat/drink in class?

Babies can be bottle or breast-fed in class.  All other food and drinks should be consumed outside the classroom, for reasons of hygiene and allergies, and to avoid babies and toddlers eating things they find on the floor!!

Can I bring my other child to class?

Possibly!  It depends on the age of each of your children.  Our main concern is the safety and enjoyment of the enrolled children.

  • New baby: you can bring your young baby to an older child’s class at no extra charge, for as long as they can remain (mostly) content in the car seat or sling/wrap/Tula etc. Once they become mobile, a room full of romping 2 year olds is not a safe place for a baby to be on the floor, so other arrangements may be needed at that stage.
  • Older sibling (occasionally, such as school inservice day): If your older child has a day off school or preschool, it is ok for them to come along that day, as long as they are healthy and not disruptive to the class. Here are some of the perfectly normal preschool behaviours that we really don’t want in the younger child’s class!
    • Monopolize the teacher’s attention
    • Run
    • Wrestle
    • Bring in toys/iPad in from home

If your older child has to come on inservice day, it is best that they cheerfully participate in all activities.  You know your child best, and whether they can handle this.

  • If your enrolled child is in “Imagine That” (age 3-5) or “Young Child” (age 5-7) siblings of all ages are welcomed in with the parents for Sharing Time, the last 15 minutes of every class
  • I have to bring my 3 yr old every week to my toddler’s class. Can he just sit on the side with the iPad or a colouring book?
  • Oooooh, this is so tough – for you, and for your older child! We understand that you may not have family who can care for him/her during this time. Here’s what you need to know:
    • If your child is 3 they can be enrolled in an Our Time class (age 1 ½ – 3 ½) along with their sibling. There is a discount if two are enrolled in the same class.
    • We can’t have preschoolers in Kindermusik Village baby classes, in order to preserve the very special environment we are creating for our youngest students.
    • We can’t allow an older child to bring in items from home; they distract the younger children.
    • “Yes, but my child is normally calm and helpful.” Contact us.  Let’s chat.
Do you have Family classes that we can all attend together?

Sometimes! We often offer that option in our short summer sessions.

All musical activity has benefits for every stage of our lives.   We have found over the years that in practise the children are happiest and most engaged with content that is just at the right level for them. Just enough challenge to keep them developing new skills and knowledge, but not so much as to leave them frustrated. Fun fact: one of the ways we can tell when a child is ready to move up to a new level is that they may start engaging in difficult behaviours. 90% of the time when we move them up, those behaviours vanish, and the child blossoms at a whole new level.  We are so pleased that when your child is ready for more advanced material, we have it for them!  Consider also that your older child may interfere with your younger child’s full participation.

We understand that this creates child care challenges for families, but we want your children to thrive! So we encourage you to find the class that best meets your child’s current developmental needs.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Feel free to call us, contact us on our form or directly email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.





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